Why should we include Cyber Security in School Curriculum?

Why should we include Cyber Security in School Curriculum?

Date: Nov 21, 2022
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Linux Essential

Education institutions are vulnerable to cyber security threats due to the large number of devices they manage, the variety of operating systems, and so on.

However, not all is lost. Cybersecurity is an issue that affects everyone, not just businesses. It is also critical that our children understand how to stay safe online and be aware of any dangers that may arise.

As the new year approaches, it is time to start fresh, but it also serves as a reminder of the importance of cyber security.

Cybersecurity experts have advised that all educational institutions form their own cybersecurity teams and implement some key best practices to ensure safety and privacy.

Data security is an important issue in all educational sectors. This article discusses the significance of cyber security in educational institutions and how they can be more cautious in protecting sensitive information.

Why are students being singled out?
Unprincipled hackers’ prey on educational institutions, particularly public K-12 schools. Students who act carelessly or are unaware of cyber threats may provide easy entry points for hackers to infiltrate school networks. While significant resources are spent to equip workforces with cyber threat knowledge, little is done to educate students in this area. As a first step, schools should avoid:

● Unauthorized student data disclosure
● Breach incidents that disrupt operational processes
● Credential phishing and potential misappropriation
● Existing systems are harmed.
● Depending on the institution, ransomware could pose a threat.

Given the importance of cybersecurity to entire economic systems, it is worth considering whether it should be taught as part of the school curriculum.

Creating a cyber-response action plan for a learning institution
Identifying the talent at your disposal is the first step in developing a cyber-response action plan. There is frequently a knowledge and experience gap in how to respond to cyber threats from the perspective of the educational institution. Most schools lack employees with the expertise to effectively manage cybersecurity and develop training modules for use by the school.

If we are to effectively equip children with knowledge about the dangers of cyberattacks, educational institutions should include a cybersecurity curriculum beginning in sixth grade. Such an initiative must be implemented at the level of the government and in collaboration with key stakeholders. Teachers must be properly trained in order to carry out the plan successfully.

With the assistance of industry partners, government-approved training courses can be developed and launched. Education institutions should be given the authority to integrate cybersecurity into their operations and curriculum on their own.

The way children are introduced to the internet is critical to their success. They must be educated and made aware of the risks of using the internet from an early age. Families and schools may need to collaborate to effectively communicate the importance of cyber security.

The prevention and control of cyber incidents is critical for our educational system. Failure to do so may have serious socio economic ramifications.It is past time for our government and education ministers to begin budgeting for cybersecurity action plans and curricula. Clear objectives, good management, and proper collaboration with stakeholders will be required for effective enforcement.

The Most Important Takeaways
Everyone in educational settings, both students and faculty, has access to new learning opportunities. Many of these organisations, however, are vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

With the global epidemic giving hackers plenty of time to develop new schemes and malicious malware, education is essential for dealing with the ever-changing threat landscape.

Security awareness training should be at the heart of your data security strategy.
Proactive security awareness training will inform participants about the new strategies being used by cyber thieves and will educate them on best practices for protecting their information and systems.

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