In 2022, a Beginner's Guide to Cyber Security Training

In 2022, a Beginner's Guide to Cyber Security Training

Date: Nov 24, 2022
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Cyber Security Training

We recommend starting with an IIEHT Learning Plan if you are a beginner looking for a clear starting point to help you build a career or advance your security knowledge and skills.
This collection of on-demand courses will assist you in developing critical security skills to help your organisation simplify its journey to the IIEHT Cloud, protect data and applications, and innovate confidently. You can also use learning plans to help you prepare for the IIEHT Certified Security - Specialty exam.

What exactly is cybersecurity?
Before we begin learning this cyber security for beginners, let us first define cyber security and its importance. Cybersecurity is the technology and process of safeguarding networks and devices against attacks, damage, and unauthorised access. Because data is now the cornerstone of any organisation, cybersecurity is critical for a country's military, hospitals, large corporations, small businesses, and other organisations and individuals. There are numerous risks if that data is used. Now that we have defined cybersecurity, let us look at the CIA triad and how it relates to cybersecurity.

The CIA Triad
Any organization's security begins with three principles: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Following that, in this cyber security for beginner’s tutorial, we will learn about the CIA Triad, which has been the industry standard for computer security since the early days of mainframe computers.

Confidentiality: According to confidentiality principles, only authorised parties should have access to sensitive information and functions. Consider military secrets.

Integrity: According to the principles of integrity, only authorised people and means can change, add, or remove sensitive information and functions. As an example, consider a user who enters incorrect data into a database.

Availability: According to availability principles, systems, functions, and data must be available on-demand according to agreed-upon parameters based on service levels.

Next in the cyber security for beginner’s tutorial, let us look at the areas and specialties in cybersecurity to gain a better understanding of the field.

To pursue a career in cybersecurity, you must first understand the various areas of specialisation, which this cybersecurity for beginner’s tutorial will assist you in doing. There are nine:

Access control systems and methodology: This prevents unauthorised modification of critical system resources.

Telecommunications and network security: This focuses on communications, protocols, and network services, as well as the potential vulnerabilities associated with each.

Security management practises: This area effectively deals with catastrophic system failures, natural disasters, and other types of service interruptions.

Security architecture and models: This focuses on having security policies and procedures in place. This security domain entails policy development for nearly every type of security issue.

Law, investigation, and ethics: This section addresses the legal aspects of computer security.

Security for application and system development: This person is responsible for database security models and the implementation of multilevel security for in-house applications.

Cryptography: This course is designed to teach you how and when to use encryption.

Computer operations security: This includes everything that occurs while your computers are running.

Physical security is concerned primarily with physical access to your servers and workstations.

What you will discover
Understand the fundamental concepts and terminologies used in the fields of information and cyber security.
Take on entry-level positions in IT and cybersecurity.
Distinguish between different types of malwares and how they affect computers and networks.
Learn how hackers hack.

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